Training Business Brokers Is Our Specialty at NAABB Training Business Brokers Is Our Specialty at NAABB

Earn in excess of $200,000 per year helping business owners sell their business!

  1. NO Cold Calling or Canvassing - proprietary system where hot leads contact you
  2. NO Experience Necessary - live 1-on-1 training with owner Scott Radin
  3. NO Fear About Being New - you will brand yourself the power of NAABB
  4. NO Licensing Needed Outside CA-FL-MN-WI - and we can help in licensed states
  5. NO Lengthy Start-Up - you will hit the ground running the moment that you start

Business brokers are hired by business owners to sell their business in a confidential manner to qualified business buyers. This is not real estate - we sell the business not property.

In 2011, Scott Radin had a vision. For ten years he had heard and witnessed all the negative subtext about business brokering all the while training business brokers on the proper and ethical ways to represent business owners selling their existing business. But the fact remained that the hundreds of new brokers he had trained in those ten years had to step into the wolves den and compete individually against the mega brokerages that ruled by greed and deceit. So in 2011 Scott's solution was to create NAABB - an integrated business broker network that combines all the positives of business brokering with systems and processes that counteract the negative stigma that has riddled the industry.


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