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The Business Broker Training Center by NAABB

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) is North America's largest network of independent business brokers. Formed in 2011 by A.S. Radin & Associates. NAABB owner Scott Radin developed NAABB as the culmination of both 10 years business broker practice and national business broker training. NAABB has forged their own niche in the industry by balking at the tradition business broker practices by focusing on quality representation instead of the archaic practice of listing businesses like a real estate company!

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By being in 150 Cities Across 43 States and being recognized as an industry leader, we are the pioneers in business broker careers and services. NAABB business brokers and agents are in high demand by business owners because of their skill set of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of their business being sold. We do not look for experience rather we seek sales professionals who believe in building relationships not walls. Our industry leading programs provide career seekers with either territory ownership or sales agent opportunities. NAABB business brokers following the system make $200K + per year!

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