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The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) is North America's most popular method for training like a business broker school. NAABB is currently covering over 150 locations nationwide. Ask yourself a simple question - have you ever wanted to just kick aside the corporate world and dive into becoming your own boss? Or maybe you already own your own business yet see a great opportunity with NAABB? This is not a real estate career nor do you need business brokering experience. You will never have to cold call as our proprietary BrokerCastâ„¢ marketing system generates our brokers as many leads as they can handle. All you need is the ability to build relationships instead of walls and establish trust with your clients. We will train the rest.

Do you have at least 10 years combined experience in any of the following fields?

  •  Direct B2B or B2C Sales
  •  Real Estate / Property Management
  •  Legal / Accounting
  •  Self Ownership / Entrepreneurial
  •  Lending / Finance / Insurance
  •  Business Development / Consulting

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